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Blog No. Two. A quick update

Work is continuing on our new venue at a steady pace. We have welcomed in our first Residents who are using the small office by the kitchen to work away from their home and kids, and we have new people signed up to move in on the 1st of April. Our newest residents are a Cosmetics company called Gamanity health & cosmetics.

"Gamanity refers to the Japanese word Gaman, meaning perseverance and endurance. It represents a way of living, a mind-set helping you to reach your goals. Gamanity offers an alternative holistic lifestyle based on daily healthy habits and on the use of skincare products."

We recommend checking out their website where you can learn about the amazing work they are doing for the community especially concentrating on Women's employment and education. we are very much looking forward to them joining the Caring Creation's Craft Hub.

In other news we have just finished painting the kitchen a lovely shade of clean bright white. Most of the space was painted in an attractive 80's shade of Ladies loo pink so we are working on freshening the place up with some nice white paint. eventually we hope to have art on the walls and perhaps some murals on the larger plain walls.

After moving some cupboards in the Red room we have found an additional window. This is extra exciting as the venue has very few windows to the outside world and finding some additional natural light helps lift the spirits. It will needs some work doing as the plaster board hasn't been finished properly around the window but with a little magic we will get it in to a usable state soon.

This is a picture after the Kitchen's second coat, you can still see a hint of pink showing through. One more coat and we should banish it forever.

you can see the delightful colour at the top of the cupboards where I cant reach.

Our Reception area is starting to come together as well. The floors need a good scrub so brighten up the lovely floor tiles as years of grim have darkened what is actually quite light wood effect flooring.

We are slightly behind schedule as we where hoping to be fully open by the start of April but we don't think we will be much past our deadline. As always people are welcome to come and have a look around and see the progress we are making. through this should be by appointment as we are not always available.

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