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Welcome to Caring Creations Leicestershire

Blog No. One. What we are about.

Our history, charity work, and volunteers.

Welcome everyone.

Caring Creations Leicestershire has been running under the name Syston Charity Crafting for over 2 years now. Started as a small group of crafters in a village hall in Syston, Leicestershire it has grown in to a County wide collective of crafters of all types.

Humble beginnings.

December 2019 the first group met, making items to sell to raise money for local charities. this first meeting was to be its last as we where soon plunged into lockdown and unable to gather. Stuck for something to do it was decided that we would join the nation wide push to make scrubs for the NHS. starting with a few people and as word spread and the summer of 2020 ticked on we rose to a force of over 600 volunteers. From all over Leicestershire people came to help with sewing, sorting, collections and donations growing our tiny group into something we did not want to see end.

Growing bigger.

As the sewing machines, fabric, threads poured in we filled the church hall to bursting. But eventually we had to give the hall back and moved into the sticks to another village hall. this is where we decided that we should incorporate. Doing so would give us the ability to continue our work after the need for scrubs had passed. Again another summer passed and another venue move thanks to one of our volunteers kind use of their workshop we pressed on, concentrating on other products we could sell.

The Final Push.

After moving to a storage unit over Christmas 2021 we finally found a place in the city center, close to the cultural quarter, this space is big enough that we can rent out offices and craft spaces and run workshops and courses.

Where we are now.

Knee deep in paint and scrubbing brushes. the last month has been spent getting the venue ready for resident crafters and businesses to move in and soon we will move our things from the storage unit to our new home. we have just announced our official name change from Syston Charity Crafting to Caring Creations Leicestershire and look forward to seeing everyone soon for Tea, Coffee and a good crafting session.

An open invite

Our new HQ will be open to everyone. drop in sessions, machine hire, workshops and resident crafters are all welcome to use our facilities.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us over the last 2 years. the people who have sewn for us relentlessly, drivers and delivery volunteers. fundraisers and everyone else in between. we have made such a big difference already and hope to continue the good work into the future.

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